ICOM is governed in an inclusive and hierarchical manner, on an international level.
An elected President and an appointed Director General head the organisation and work closely with its institutional bodies.

A General Assembly and an Advisory Committee meeting take place every year so that ICOM members and the heads of the organisation can come together and make decisions concerning the organisation’s future.

President: Emma Nardi, ITALY

The President of ICOM is a distinguished representative of the world museum community. As head of ICOM, the President is in charge of relations with museum institutions, while also carrying out regular duties in his or her own museum. The President ensures the continuity of ICOM’s policy orientations and represents the organisation in situations where an external party is involved. He or she delegates management responsibilities to the Director General, who is entrusted with the day-to-day monitoring of ICOM.

The Executive Council is ICOM’s board

Its mission is to enforce the decisions and recommendations of the General Assembly and to coordinate the activities of ICOM’s National and International Committees and Regional Alliances.
The Executive Council works as a board and ensures that ICOM’s Strategic Plan is respected. It meets twice a year and is made up of 16 members elected for three years: a President, two Vice-presidents, a Treasurer, 11 ordinary members and the President of the Advisory Committee (ex-officio member).

  • President: Emma Nardi, ITALY
  • Vice-president: Inkyung Chang, Republic of KOREA
  • Vice-president: Terry Simioti Nyambe, ZAMBIA
  • Treasurer: Carina Jaatinen, FINLAND
    • Member: Feng Zhao, CHINA
    • Member: Marilia Bonas, BRAZIL
    • Member: Kaja Širok, SLOVENIA
    • Member: Tayeebeh Golnaz Golsabahi, IRAN
    • Member: Steph Scholten, UK
    • Member: Deborah Tout-Smith, AUSTRALIA
    • Member: Luís Raposo, PORTUGAL
    • Member: Jody Steiger, COSTA RICA
    • Member: Karin Weil González, CHILE
    • Member: Ahmed Mohammed, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
    • Member: Rachelle Doucet, HAITI
    • Ex-officio: Antonio Rodriguez, USA – Chairperson of the Advisory Committee

The General Assembly is a decision-making organ that meets every year. It sets the functioning rules and adopts ICOM’s Strategic Plan every three years at the General Conference.

It elects the members of the Executive Council and provides it with guidelines through a set of resolutions.

The General Assembly takes place every year simultaneously with the annual meeting of the Advisory Committee and is the privileged gathering place of ICOM members.

The Advisory Committee is ICOM’s counselling and recommendation body. It shares its observations with the Executive Council.

The Advisory Committee is made up of the Presidents of the ICOM National and International Committees and Affiliated Organisations and its Chaiperson and Vice-Chairperson are elected for three years among its members.

The Advisory Committee meets once a year and discussions and recommendations help to define the upcoming actions of ICOM by communicating its observations to the Executive Council.

Director General: Peter Keller (Germany / Austria)

The Director General is the permanent operational head of ICOM. He or she is also spokesperson for the organisation and for the world museum community, when addressing institutions, external organisations and civil society. The Director General’s missions are to federate museum professionals in order to establish ICOM’s reputation, status and visibility in the international sphere, to secure financial support from state partners as well as private patrons, and to strengthen ICOM’s efficiency in order to increase and promote the services and programmes implemented within the organisation.