27. 11. 2013.

Poziv na predavanje Petera Davisa 9.12.2013.

ICOM Hrvatska, Katedra za muzeologiju Odsjeka za informacijske i komunikacijske znanosti u suradnji s Muze d.o.o. pozivaju na  predavanje trenutno najutjecajnijeg svjetskog ekomuzeologa profesora Petera Davisa (Newcastle University, UK)
‘Ecomuseums and sense of place‘ koje de se održati u konferencijskoj dvorani Knjižnice Filozofskog fakulteta (2. kat knjižnice), Ivana Lučića3, Zagreb,  u ponedjeljak 9. prosinca 2013. u 11:00 sati. Predavanje će biti održano na engleskom jeziku.

Sažetak predavanja:
The ecomuseum is best regarded as a philosophy that can be adapted and molded into a suite of heritage practices that meet local environmental, social and economic needs. The concept evolved in France in the late 1960s and the number of ecomuseums has grown dramatically throughout the world in recent years, empowering local communities, overcoming authoritative strictures, forging local identity and – in my view most importantly – contributing to the notion of ‘sense of place’. In this talk I will describe the emergence of ecomuseological ideas and give examples from around the world that demonstrate the increasing significance of ecomuseology in the regeneration of communities, interpreting cultural landscapes, and safeguarding intangible cultural heritage. These examples will also demonstrate the wide variation in ecomuseum practices yet emphasize how, at the heart of each ecomuseum, the key feature is the recognition of the distinctiveness of individual localities that results in pride in place, and gives ‘a sense of place’.

O predavaču:
Peter Davis’ research interests include the history of museums; the history of natural history and environmentalism; the interaction between heritage and concepts of place; and ecomuseums. He is the author of several books including Museums and the Natural Environment (1996), Ecomuseums: a sense of place (1999; 2nd edition 2011) and (with Christine Jackson) Sir William Jardine: a life in natural history (2001). He is a member of the Editorial Board of the series ‘Heritage Matters’, published by Boydell and Brewer and has recently co-edited two volumes in the series, namely Making Sense of Place and Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage. He is a co- editor of Museum History Journal (published by Maney) and Honorary Editor of Archives of Natural History, which is published by Edinburgh University Press for the Society for the History of Natural History.