12. 08. 2015.

Travel grants to attend ICOM-ITC November 2015 Workshop in Beijing, China

ICOM International Training Centre (ICOM-ITC) is announcing the organisation of its fifth training workshop that will be held from 2 to 10 November, 2015 in Beijing, China. ICOM, ICOM China and the Palace Museum are pleased to award travel grants to international participants attending the training workshop.

Please refer to ICOM website for the types of grant available and the applicable criteria: http://icom.museum/activities/icom-international-training-centre-for-museum-studies/applicable-criteria-for-the-awarding-of-icom-itc-travel-grants/

Full applications with the application form as well as other documents are expected by Tuesday 15 September, 2015. Contact: Mr. Raphaël Roig (raphaël.roig@icom.museum) at ICOM Secretariat.

The theme of this fifth training workshop will be: The Engaging Museum. A number of outstanding international experts will give lectures and conduct discussions and group work on museum topics such as outreach programmes, community engagement and cultural action. The programme will also include lectures by Chinese experts. A “Reading Artifacts” session, developed by the Canada Science and Technology Museum, will also be part of the programme, with access to objects from the collections of the host institution. In addition, hands-on sessions will be organised in some of the most well-known museums in Beijing; and a full-day excursion will show participants around the best known cultural heritage sites in and around Beijing.

Officially launched on 1 July 2013, ICOM-ITC relies on the ICOM professional network to offer quality training programmes in museum studies to regional and international museum professionals, especially to ICOM members from emerging countries and from the Asian Pacific region.
More info on ICOM-ITC: http://icom.museum/activities/icom-international-training-centre-for-museum-studies/


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