21. 10. 2018.

ICOM Europa aktivnosti

Poštovane kolegice i kolege,

u nastavku prosljeđujemo izvornu poruku predsjednika ICOM Europa regionalnog odbora glede konferencije u studenom ove godine, i poziva za sudjelovanje s izlaganjem na seminaru/konferenciji planiranom za svibanj naredne (2019) godine.


Dear colleagues,

please find information relating our next meetings:

- the final program of the annual 2018 Conference, done in cooperation with ICOM Germany: Museums, Borders and European Responsibility – 100 years after WW1, Koblenz, 23 to 25 November 2018. E-mail contact: icom@icom-deutschland.de; Site: http://www.icom-germany-conference.org/conference/2018/program

- draft program (proposals for communication can be presented up to December, 30) of the annual 2019 Seminar, done in cooperation with the ICOM-DEMHIST and ICOM Portugal: Memorial Spaces in Museological Contexts, Guimarães, 2 to 4 May 2019; E-mail contact: icom.seminar2019@gmail.com

I kindly ask you to contribute for the dissemination of this information and do hope to having some of you at least among us in these occasions.

Best and warm regards,

Luís Raposo, ICOM Europe Chair