History & Heritage

ICOM Croatia was founded in 1991  and was admitted to  ICOM membership at General Assembly in Quebec City in 1992. The headquarters of the ICOM Croatia is currently in the city of Rijeka at the Natural History Museum Rijeka. Program activities are financially supported by Croatian Ministry of Culture and city/county departments responsible for culture.
Croatian National Committee of ICOM is governed by Assembly as a decision-making organ that meets every year. It elects four members of the Executive Board and the President for a period of three years.

Past Presidents:
1991. – 1996. Damodar Frlan
1996. – 2002. Želimir Koščević
2002. – 2005. Željka Kolveshi
2005. – 2011. Damodar Frlan
2011. – 2014. Lidija Nikočević
2014. – 2020. Darko Babić

Current president:
2020. – 2023. Željka Modrić Surina