16. 01. 2012.

Lecture by George Jacob: Museum Design-Build Practice (International Initiatives)

Sub-department of Museology (Department of Information and Communication Science, Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, University of Zagreb) and ICOM Croatia organize lecture of Canadian museologist George Jacob entitled:

‘Museum Design-Build Practice: International Initiatives’

on Wednesday January, 25th 2012 at 1:00 PM in the Museum Documentation Centre, Ilica 44/II (Zagreb).

The lecture will address the multi-million dollar museum design-build industry which is a fast-paced commercially driven world. It is a realm where the non-profit institutions interface with the for-profit world of planners, designers, producers, architects and in some cases, even contract operators/administrators. There is a growing need for museum studies programs and professional associations to recognize the interdisciplinary industry and incorporate this practice in the academic curricula adding to new dimensions in employment opportunity and relevance.

Darko Babić (PhD)

Sub-department of Museology

ICOM Croatia Board member