15. 07. 2015.

The Best In Heritage 2015 / Financing Heritage Institutions in Times of Scarcity & Creative Bursary Programme

Financing Heritage Institutions in Times of Scarcity

September 27th 2015 / Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik

In partnership with The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Croatia
In cooperation with ICOM Croatia and Croatian Museum Association

Dutch museums have a good reputation for having dealt with strategic and financial matters very successfully – various examples of  activities in self-financing and self-generated revenue are known to the international professional community outside of the Netherlands, through literature and participation of Dutch projects at our own, and conferences alike. The experience of Delta-Plan and de-etatisation of museums is relatively familiar to well informed colleagues worldwide.

Culture and museums are in difficulties in all transitional countries. New requirements for effectiveness and severe cuts in state subsidies are a difficult context. The aim of this seminar is to offer insight into examples of successful management of museums in The Netherlands. Our intention is to offer this experience to all regional or even wider professional circles. We hope to offer useful knowledge and create inspiring atmosphere that should result in upgrading the heritage institutions’ practices in the times of shrinking budgets and growing demand. The changes will imply the increase in quality of the products and new methods and partnerships concerning financial management.

Recent fervent discussions in Croatia on legislation of museum service that suggests changes in the public nature of institutions raised many concerns. Many find these tendencies and novelties puzzling and disorientating. The Best in Heritage is for 14th time the global showcase of professional excellence in public qualities of museums and other heritage institutions. The conference, global in character, will offer a good introduction and context for such a hot issue that will remain such  for quite a while, – posing challenges and inspiring solutions.

More at: http://www.thebestinheritage.com/conference/programme/post-conference

The Best in Heritage Creative Bursary Programme

     In partnership izi.TRAVEL


Audio Guide Creation Contest

From July 10th to August 25th, museums and heritage organisations who publish their museum guides on izi.TRAVEL platform adding the tag “#TBIH2015“, enter the bursary competition. The 3 most well done contributions, as declared by the specialized Jury on September 1st, will be granted free registration to attend The Best In Heritage conference, 24-26 September, in Dubrovnik, with additional bursaries of 400 Euro for travel and accommodation expenses.

In order to motivate museum and heritage professionals to express their creativity and vision on what good storytelling content is. The contest serves as a research tool for tracking best examples of creative storytelling, and enabling the selection of the most successful professionals to participate at the Best in Heritage conference.

The guides will be rated by a Jury consisting of museum specialists. The technical quality of recording will not be rated but the content, creativity and the skill of storytelling.

The three contestants declared as the best by the Jury, will be rewarded with free registrations for the Best in Heritage conference in Dubrovnik, and with travel and accommodation bursaries of 400 Euro each. Moreover, winners will have a chance to briefly present their guides and institutions at the main programme of the conference on September 25th.

More at: http://www.thebestinheritage.com/conference/bursary-programme