12. 08. 2021.

New ICOM Strategic Plan 2022 – 2028; survey

Dear Members,
Please find below a letter from the Ole Winther, Chair of the ICOM Strategic Planning Committee (SPC), inviting you to take part in the survey on the Strategic Plan 2022–28. We thank you in advance for your precious contributions to this process.
The ICOM Secretariat


Dear Members,

I invite you to play your part in a new strategic plan for ICOM by completing a survey about what you think will matter most in the years ahead. The link for the survey can be found here:

Survey on the 2022-28 Strategic Plan


The new strategic plan that will guide ICOM until 2028 will be proposed to the General Assembly at the Triannual Conference in Prague in August 2022, and we want it to reflect the views and opinions of ICOM’s membership.

Strategic plans are always important, but this is a particularly momentous time as museums count the cost of the COVID pandemic, deal with regional and national issues and the urgency of climate change. All museums are facing the question of reimagining the future in a rapidly-changing world.

ICOM has a role in leading the global museum community through this period of transition and we have an opportunity, now, to plan how best to fulfill this role in the years ahead for all members, wherever they are in the world.

The survey aims to find out from you where ICOM should focus its energy in 2022-28, by asking questions about its objectives and the strategies to achieve them. We need your input so that the strategic plan meets your wishes both for ICOM and the museum where you work.

On behalf of the Strategic Plan Committee – SPC – I therefore hope you actively will help us – and yourself as active ICOM members, to shape the future of the association for which we all care.  Please – PLAY YOUR PART. The survey will go live on August 11th and will be open until the 22nd September. It is organised in 4 sections and can be answered in 20-30 minutes.

Please help us to create a relevant and contemporary strategy because ICOM is a membership association, where we, the Members, shape the goals and future – not only for ICOM, but for museums all over the world.

Best wishes,
Ole Winther, Chair of SPC