05. 03. 2022.

Opportunities to help colleagues in museums in Ukraine

Dear ICOM members in Europe,

This morning, NEMO – the Network of European Museum Organisations, launched an appeal for material support from European museums for our museum colleagues in Ukraine. ICOM welcomes this initiative and in a demonstration of our support, we are transferring the message throughout our network.

Please see the original message below, we would be grateful if you could forward it to all ICOM members in your country. If you or your museums have anything to offer our museum colleagues in Ukraine, you have the possibility to contact NEMO via the information below.

For any other queries, the ICOM Heritage Protection Department remains at your availability to assist, as always.


Monitoring support initiatives from Museums for Ukraine: Your contribution

Dear NEMO members, national museum organisations, museum networks, museums,

In light of current events, and after receiving calls and messages from colleagues from all over Europe asking how they can support their Ukrainian colleagues, NEMO has decided to start collecting and monitoring support activities and initiatives from museums across the continent who want to help their Ukrainian colleagues and Ukrainian citizens at large.

Once gathered, this information will then be published online and in doing so, the objective of this proposal will be to demonstrate the levels of support in Europe to our museum colleagues in Ukraine, to show how much the museum sector can respond, and inspire more museums to develop similar supporting initiatives! The idea is that this will be a concrete demonstration of action, following from our statement last week: NEMO shows solidarity with cultural organisations in Ukraine.

Further to this, we are looking for: 

  • Different forms of support actions that your museum has developed for Ukrainian museum colleagues and Ukrainian refugees at large
  • Support offers that your museum can offer that we can share with Ukrainian colleagues

To publish these on NEMO’s website, we kindly ask you to submit the information below to our colleague Ksenia at weber@ne-mo.org:

  • title of the initiative or offer
  • name of the institution, city and country
  • short description in English (max. 1.000 characters)
  • a link or contact for further information
  • a picture if available

Finally, we understand that some information on this subject is sensitive, therefore you would prefer that your activity or initiative remains private, please indicate so in your message. Discretion is paramount, and we will not publish any information before you give your green light.

This project has also received the support of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) who will disseminate this call through its network.

Thank you for your support.

Please use your associations, networks to promote this call as widely as possible.

Kind regards,

The NEMO Office


NEMO – Network of European Museum Organisations
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