28. 05. 2024.

International Expert Forum – island Zlarin – 6th June 2024

“Application of the ‘Impact Compass’ Model in Fostering Dialogue on the Impact of Projects in which Interpretation Centers Contribute to Community Regeneration in Small Towns and Cities”
Croatian Coral Center Zlarin, June 6th, 2024

Europa Nostra Croatia in collaboration with the Public Institution Fortress of Culture Šibenik, is organizing an international expert conference aimed at strengthening the capacities of experts, local stakeholders, and communities to create a stronger impact on cultural heritage in a specific area. Special attention will be given to the challenges posed by climate change and the search for solutions through environmentally friendly activities.
In addition to Croatian experts: Darko Komšo (Archaeological Museum of Istria), Ljiljana
Marks (researcher of Zlarin as part of the project of the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore), Ivana Katurić (lecturer at the University of Rijeka) and Goranka Horjan (Dvor Trakošćan), international experts who will participate at the conference are: Deborah Ziska (lecturer of Museum Studies and Cultural Heritage Management Graduate Programs of Johns Hopkins University), Cristina Vannini (ICOM-INTERCOM) and Jane Leget (Head of Research at Auckland Museum and a Research Associate at Auckland University of Technology and Victoria University of Wellington).
The preservation of cultural heritage and adaptation to climate change are issues of broader societal significance that affect identity, education, economy, art, and the environment.

The project, financially supported by the Ministry of Culture and Media of Republic of Croatia, ICOM (Paris), INTERCOM, ICOM Croatia contributes to the preservation of cultural wealth and addresses the challenges faced by communities worldwide. Emphasis is placed on enhancing contemporary cultural creation, recognizing, valuing, and promoting long-term and sustainable exchange collaborations, as well as intercultural dialogue. The conference on Zlarin Island at the Croatian Coral Center will become a venue for presenting models that have a strong impact on local stakeholders and communities.

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