04. 04. 2014.

International Scientific Conference Protection of Cultural Heritage from Natural and Man-made Disasters

International Scientific Conference Protection of Cultural Heritage from Natural and Man-made Disasters

Over the last couple of years the protection of cultural heritage in cases of various emergencies and disasters has been a major issue among specialists and experts in the field of protection and preservation of heritage. Global climate changes as well as unstable social and economic conditions (recession, conflicts, etc.) significantly increase the chances of the devastation of material cultural heritage. Such circumstances provide a sound basis for launching a joint initiative that would cover all levels in this broad field, bringing together experts in conservation and restoration, curators, archivists and librarians as well as the representatives of administrative bodies in various institutions, and local and state governments.

The National and University Library in Zagreb, Preservation Department, with more than 50 years of experience in the protection of library materials (books, manuscripts, maps, prints, etc.), has taken upon itself to organise this international scientific conference with the purpose of bringing together the most eminent experts and specialists in the field of the protection of cultural heritage, representatives of the academic community and administrative bodies of institutions, local and state governments, as well as the owners of private collections.

Conference presentations will be held on 8 and 9 May 2014 in Zagreb, while workshops will take place on 10 May 2014 in Šibenik. Workshops will be dedicated to our deceased colleague Milivoj Zenić, a librarian, cultural historian and the guardian of the heritage of the City of Šibenik.

The conference is part of a three-year project aimed at the development of guidelines for a strategic plan for the protection of cultural heritage from disasters and the formulation of a proposal for introducing amendments to the existing legislation, as well as at the determining of the key institutions and individuals which will be involved in the development and implementation of this strategic plan. Visit conference page.