18. 12. 2016.

ICOM EUROPE conference 2016 – conclusions/recommendations

ICOM Europe, the Regional Alliance of the International Council of Museums, as the most representative organization of museums and professionals of museums in the entire continent and immediate regions, assembling National Committees from fifty countries (from Atlantic to Urals and Caucasus, from the Arctic Ocean to the Mediterranean) and almost 30.000 individual and institutional members (representing about 4/5 of the total ICOM worldwide membership), profoundly committed to the promotion of museums in general, developing their missions and social goals, which are, according to the ICOM’s definition, “the service of society and its development… for the purposes of education, study and enjoyment” as far as national museums and their role in society development as per the inputs given by speakers and interventions in debates at the 2016 annual Conference of ICOM Europe recommends for professionals of museums, museums, museums associations and public administrations, cultural institutions and policies makers in general to take into consideration the following observations (ICOM-Europe Conference_2016_Conclusions)