03. 06. 2022.

Is your museum ready for a new definition? – have your say! (survey)

In this survey, we ask museum professionals and senior management if their museum’s mission and attitudes already reflect concepts like inclusiveness, diversity, and sustainability.

-> https://museodata.typeform.com/are-we-there

Who can participate? = The survey is open to the ICOM Community but specially designed for communications, audience development, public relations, digital media, and marketing professionals. Also, for museum directors and senior management.

What’s the survey like? = It’s an anonymous fast-paced online survey — only 22 questions / 6 minutes.

The survey is available in 3 languages.


When can I see the results? = We will disclose the results at the ICOM General Conference in Prague in August.

Deadline = The survey will remain open until June 24th, 2022.

We are grateful for the support from ICOM Brasil, ICOM Croatia, ICOM EL Salvador, ICOM Germany, ICOM Israel, ICOM Iran, ICOM Ireland, ICOM Latvia, ICOM Lebanon, ICOM New Zealand, ICOM Myanmar, ICOM Mongolia, ICOM Turkey, ICOM Uganda, ICOM United Arab Emirates, and ICOM Zambia.