27. 06. 2023.

Societal issues of sustainability

Session 3: Societal issues of sustainability

Wednesday 5 July 2023: 5:30 – 7:00 PM (CEST)

on the project “Museums facing their environmental and social responsibilities: towards an ethical and sustainable model” where ICOM France and its partners ICOM Canada, ICOM Spain, ICOM Lebanon, ICOM-CC, ICTOP, NATHIST, ICOM Arab, ICOM LAC, and the University of Quebec Trois Rivières are implementing series of debates dedicated to the development of an ethical and sustainable model for museums. This series of meetings/debates is intended for museum professionals and will include contributions from colleagues who can share innovative experiences in the field of sustainable development. This cycle will take the form of 6 participative sessions on a digital platform from May to November 2023.

Taking into account audiences and their development is part of sustainability: how can we consider sustainability without imagining and encouraging the renewal of audiences? How can we promote inclusion and diversity if we do not support the appropriation of art by as many people as possible? How can museums be more active on these issues?

Come and discuss with:
Amareswar Galla, UNESCO Chair on Inclusive Museums and Sustainable Heritage Development – India
Marie-Claude Mongeon, Head of General Secretariat and Strategic Projects, Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal – Canada
Diala Nammour, Director of MACAM (Modern and Contemporary Art Museum) in Beirut – Lebanon
Xavier Roigé Ventura, Professor of Museology, University of Barcelona – Spain

The session will be moderated by Aude Porcedda, associate professor of cultural management and organisation at the Université du Québec in Trois-Rivière.

It will be held simultaneously in French, English and Spanish. It will be recorded and rebroadcast by ICOM France and its partner.

Link to the session:
Meeting ID: 816 5780 9156
Secret code: 116760


The cycle is designed with the financial support of ICOM, the Délégation générale à la langue française et aux langues de France and the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières.