16. 07. 2023.

Bridging the gap between Museums and Communities: the role of communication and education

Lisbon, Portugal – October 2nd & 3rd 2023

The International Seminar “Bridging the gap between Museums and Communities: the role of communication and education” aims to bring together ICOM Members not only from Europe but also from all over the world, such as museum mediators, teachers and students of museum studies, communication, education and heritage professionals for a 2 days seminar in order to develop skills, learn and share experiences about how museums can engage with different communities through communication and education.

The idea is to bring together experiences and research projects about how communities can be co-producers of knowledge.

Main themes:
1 - Memory and community. How museums can turn themselves into cultural hubs for people to understand the value of heritage.
2 - Communication, Education and community. How the educational departments can develop participatory strategies to give voice to communities.
3 - Heritage as expression of different cultures and different migrations. The objects have different meanings for different communities. What makes an object so important for one community?
4 - How can we give voice to non-represented communities in museums?
5 – Challenging times - such as we are living now (post covid, climate change issues, financial and economic crisis and war times in Europe) how to use communication and education to approach communities?
6 - Virtual visitors versus real objects? How can we turn non visitors into real museum visitors engaging museum objects?

ICOM members, engaged in museum mediation, teaching and studying museum studies, as well as communication, education and heritage professionals.

Organization: ICOM Europe
Partners: ICOM Portugal, ICOM Georgia, ICOM Croatia, Lusofona University, National Coach Museum – Lisbon

More info: https://icomeulisbon23.org/

Call for papers (till August 15th): https://icomeulisbon23.org/call-for-paper/